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June 2008


Isabella's Healthy Bakery Unveils Activate - A New Probiotic Muffin Fortified with GanedenBC30 Probiotic

NEW ORLEANS, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Isabella's Health Bakery launched Activate raisin bran probiotic fortified muffins at this year's International Dairy/Deli/Bakery Association (IDDBA) show in New Orleans. The new Activate muffins are being positioned to support digestive health and are fortified with the high-survivability probiotic, GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086).

Isabella's Healthy Bakery president, Monica Curtis, describes the addition of GanedenBC30 as a perfect match. "For so many years, we've been focusing on taking things out of our muffins. Now the opposite is true. We've started to enhance them with nutrients to offer consumers the best of both worlds -- a muffin that not only tastes good, but is also good for you. Creating a muffin that helps support digestive health was the next logical step." While the addition of the probiotic, GanedenBC30 delivers essential healthy bacteria to the digestive tract, the raisins and bran serve as a great source of fiber.

The new muffins are powered by GanedenBC30, a patented, self-affirmed GRAS probiotic produced by consumer healthcare company, Ganeden Biotech. The company has dubbed GanedenBC30 as "The Probiotic That Can Take It" and claims it can survive harsh manufacturing processes and deliver ten times the live cells as yogurt.

"When I first presented the idea of adding a probiotic to our muffins, our R&D team looked at me like I was crazy," explains Curtis. "But after we were introduced to GanedenBC30 and saw first hand how it survives the intense heat of our baking ovens, we were all sold."

Ganeden's Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Sean Farmer explains, "GanedenBC30 stands apart from other traditional probiotics. It's a spore- forming probiotic bacterium, meaning that inside the bacterial cell is a hardened structure, or spore, which is analogous to a seed. This spore protects the cell's genetic material from the heat and pressure of manufacturing processes, challenges of shelf life as well as the acid and bile it is exposed to during digestive transit. The viable spore is then able to germinate and produce new vegetative cells once it is safely inside the small intestine. Other 'traditional' probiotic organisms are not able to form these protective spores, making them vulnerable to heat, pressure, shelf life variables and the acid and bile challenges of the digestive system. This unique make-up is why we initially chose a strain of Bacillus coagulans over other conventional probiotic strains."

The new Activate raisin bran probiotic fortified muffins are available for grocery store distribution for retail sale in 4-pack clamshells under the Isabella's Healthy Bakery brand. Future plans are in place to include GanedenBC30 in other Isabella's products including breakfast bars and cakes.

About Isabella's Healthy Bakery

Isabella's Healthy Bakery, a division of Main Street Gourmet, is a supplier of healthy baked goods including muffins, cookies & cakes. They specialize in sugar free, fat free, no sugar added and whole grain categories. The new Activate probiotic fortified muffin introduces their new line of functional foods including Optimize, a Mountainberry Acai pomegranate flavored anti-oxidant enriched muffin, and Revitalize, a peanut butter chocolate flavored energy boosting muffin.

About Ganeden Biotech

Founded in 1996, Ganeden Biotech is a consumer healthcare company that features a popular line of over-the-counter digestive and immune fitness products under the Sustenex and Digestive Advantage brands, including its extremely popular products for the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lactose intolerance, occasional constipation and intestinal gas. All of Ganeden's oral products contain the probiotic GanedenBC30 -- a patented strain of healthy bacteria which work within the intestinal ecosystem to help promote digestive health and support the immune system.

CONTACT: Michael Bush of Ganeden Biotech, Inc., +1-440-229-5200,

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SoftBrands: Carrier Corp. Commercial HVAC Unit Selects SAP Business One and FourthShift Edition

PR Newswire (US)

2 June 2008

MINNEAPOLIS, June 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SoftBrands, Inc. (Amex: SBN), a global supplier of enterprise application software and a global partner of SAP, announced that Carrier Corp. is working with SAP and SoftBrands to deploy the SAP Business One and FourthShift Edition ERP solution within its Racan Carrier unit, which manufactures large commercial HVAC air handling units.

Carrier Corp. is the world's largest provider of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. SoftBrands offers solutions to address the needs of businesses in the consumer packaged goods, chemicals, life sciences and industrial machinery and components industries.

SAP Business One and FourthShift Edition combine the strength and security of SAP with the capabilities, deployment approach and low cost of ownership that are required in small and midsize operations. This enables the solution to meet the needs of independent manufacturers and subsidiaries of large organizations that want to standardize on SAP-centric solutions.

"Multinational corporations often run SAP's large-enterprise systems, but those same systems don't always make sense for smaller subsidiaries and other remote operations," said Daniel Head, vice president, SAP Large Enterprise, for SoftBrands. "When we implement SAP Business One at these subsidiaries, the enterprise is standardized on an SAP platform, gaining the visibility, compliance and control that they need."

About SoftBrands Manufacturing

Since 1984, SoftBrands has been providing manufacturers with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use ERP software to increase productivity and improve profitability. The strategic partnership with SAP and FourthShift Edition for SAP Business One are providing new opportunities for growth. FourthShift Edition combines strong manufacturing functionality with the strength and security of SAP, the worldwide leader in business software solutions. Manufacturers around the world rely on SoftBrands to keep their operations running efficiently and effectively.

About SoftBrands

SoftBrands, Inc. is a leader in providing software solutions for businesses in the manufacturing and hospitality industries worldwide. The company has established a global infrastructure for distribution, development and support of enterprise software, and has approximately 5,000 customers in more than 100 countries actively using its manufacturing and hospitality products.

SoftBrands, which has approximately 775 employees, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., with branch offices in Europe, India, Asia, Australia and Africa. Additional information can be found at

Contact: Mark Palony 612-851-1500

SOURCE:  SoftBrands, Inc.

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