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July 2005

TrinTel Announces Sale to Crown Castle

TrinTel Communications, Inc. has agreed to sell its wireless tower business to Crown Castle International Corp., a publicly traded tower operator. TrinTel, based in Irving, Texas, operates 467 towers in several major U.S. markets, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit and New Orleans. TrinTel's portfolio produces approximately $14.4 million in annualized site revenue and $9 million in annualized site rental gross margin. The portfolio, built between 1998 and 2001, is being acquired for $145 million. CRP-IV and CRL-III invested $47.0 million in TrinTel between 1999 and 2002 to facilitate the Company's tower expansion program.

ePredix, Inc. Announces Sale to Veronis Suhler

ePredix, Inc. has agreed to sell its business to Veronis, Suhler, Stevenson ("VSS") as a part of VSS's merger of ePredix and Qwiz, Inc. ePredix, Inc. is a leading provider of soft skills assessment and employee development content, as well as human capital strategy and performance management research. ePredix can scientifically predict for employers who will perform on the job by leveraging over 50 years of research and data captured from over 40 million job applicants and employees. Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies use ePredix's job and industry specific hiring, development, promotion and succession planning products and services to maximize efficiency and success in every stage of the human capital lifecycle. CRP-IV invested $15.0 million in ePredix in 2002 to finance growth and a strategic acquisition.

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